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The Keys to the Universe

This was a TED-style talk I delivered in Calgary for the ADR Institute of Canada.


Global News Community Star

A moment to speak about the vision for post traumatic growth for all military and first responders.


Thanks for being there

A video of gratitude for the outpouring of support to our fallen heroes along Ontario's "Highway of Heroes".

A Mother's Legacy

What happens when you're told your mother has a terminal illness? It becomes time to practise what you preach.

momondays June 2019.png

Being a Warrior

My momondays talk about my research into warrior mentality, while serving at 8 Wing Trenton.


Dad's Story

Dad's adversity and determination to create family inspires us all.



Self-Compassion Survey

The Self-Compassion Survey is a tool proven to measure the components crucial for showing where the participant is on their journey towards a more resilient life experience.

LIAT EQ Profile

This new tool is based upon developmental psychology, interpersonal neuropsychology, and neurophysiology theory, plus years of clinical, educational, consulting and training work.

Posttraumatic Growth.jpg

Posttraumatic Growth Inventory

Positive psychology has embraced this process of thriving and calls it Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG) – or the self-improvement one undergoes after experiencing life challenges.  Let's see where you are in this journey.

Guided Meditations

Safe Place.jpg

Safe Place

A guided meditation to help in moments of anxiety, pain and suffering.


Starting Your Day

For clients familiar with Rick Carson's ICREATE model, this is the meditation to start your day.

Shame (Universal Love).jpg

Working with Shame

The perfect break for those who are struggling with issues involving shame.

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