Oh, the things I can do!

I’ve instructed teams and organizations in collaborative communication skills for over 15 years. As a result of taking on these skills the teams that I’ve worked with have seen enhanced employee engagement coupled with increases in both team efficiency and effectiveness.  Underlying all my training process work is a deep understanding and commitment to the development and awareness of emotional intelligence (EQ) as a necessary quality for increased interpersonal aptitude.

As an Executive Coach I’ve worked with leaders in incredibly high stress situations as they made plans and decisions that would impact their teams in a profound way.  Balancing the goals of the organization with the needs of the team can be difficult and the benefits of a seasoned coach to help in the decision process is crucial.  I’ve also been trained as a Conflict Coach, working with individuals to find a way to come forward and have that difficult conversation.

I coach executives to success.

Changing behavior is hard, even when new habits can mean the difference between life and death. In studies of patients who have undergone coronary bypass surgery, on average only one in nine people adopts healthier day-to-day habits!  This “inoculation to change” can be difficult to overcome without a knowledgeable and experienced coach at your side.  That’s where I come in.  As a Professional Certified Coach and an Certified Executive Coach I’ve been working successfully with leaders, teams and followers for over a decade.  I’m certified to deliver 360 reports, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessments and Team Process measurement systems.  Wherever you need growth, I’ve already been there and can help move your situation forward.

I get relationships back on track.

As a Chartered Mediator and Qualified Arbitrator I’ve got the credentials backed by the solid experience you need to help navigate the stormy waters of conflict resolution in a workplace setting.  I bring industry leading processes that have been proven in some of the most stressful situations on earth to your environment.  Let me help you leverage the benefits of conflict conversations and situations by changing them into learning opportunities that strengthen the relationships you need to create an engaged, effective and high-performing team environment.

Group dynamics are my sandbox!

A 2005 study showed that an organization can increase overall productivity by 40%, quality improvements by 30% and have cost decreases of 50% simply by enhancing the skills of team members to communicate in difficult times.  In 2004 we put these theories to the test in the RCAF by deploying the first military team ever to enter into an operational environment with an enhanced collaborative skillset.  Increased effectiveness and efficiency were the immediate results; as was increased resilience.  I’ve been teaching that workshop over a decade now with noticeable improvements in both corporate and public environments.  I’ve also created Leadership Workshops to train team leaders how to leverage the benefits of increased synergy for the benefit of both the organization and the team members.  Bring these vital tools to your team today.