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Training & Costs

Conflict Management for Leaders

Duration: Four days


Description: This course is designed to take the learner through the various elements of interpersonal conflict so they can gain an understanding of the factors that are blocking them and their teams from achieving high performance.  Proven in the sands of Afghanistan and refined in a police environment this course is crucial for any team working in a high stress environment.  Upon completion of the course, successful candidates are able to:

  • Identify the differences in the various approaches to conflict management;

  • Identify the benefits of an Informal Conflict Management process for resolving conflicts;

  • Identify the causes, triggers and impacts of conflict;

  • Articulate the impact of self-awareness on Conflict Management;

  • Describe personal conflict management styles;

  • Explain the impact of different conflict styles on a conflict situation;

  • Utilize interest-based collaboration techniques in a conflict situation;

  • Facilitate a conversation between two parties in conflict; and

  • Apply the 4-step Collaborative Communication process to a conflict situation


Cost: approx. $750/learner ... but let's talk!


Outcomes: Participants will obtain simple yet powerful tools necessary to change internal conflict situations into positive team-building experiences.

Feedback: “Best course I’ve ever done.” 

                     “This course should be mandatory for all commissioned officers” 

                     “Everyone should take this course … at least once”

The Art of Leadership

Duration: Three days


Description: This course draws from the leadership methods of the Canadian Armed Forces as the learners explore the 10 principles of leadership in a team environment.  In addition, participants will explore the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as an essential leadership skill.  This is augmented by a sharing of the key values required for a team to reach maximum performance.   There will also be ½ day spent with retired A/Comm Alphonse MacNeil (author of the MacNeil Report and past Commanding Officer of the RCMP in Nova Scotia) exploring leadership principles in dynamic and high stress environments.


Cost: about $600/learner


Outcomes: Participants will gain insight into the art of leadership and leave with an understanding of how to apply those principles in a way that meshes with their own personality style.

Feedback: “The training was presented in such a way that you couldn’t leave without gaining

                          both tools and insight.”

                     “Tim was excellent at sourcing out candidates thoughts and reasoning.  He’s the best.”

Turnaround Interview®

Duration: Two days


Description: Participants use cases modeled on their own real-life situations and practice techniques for controlling the conversation, dealing with common defences and excuses, drawing out concrete commitments, and amplifying those commitments so that employees want to follow through and will genuinely regret letting you down. 

Learners will discover:

  • Why people defend bad behaviour

  • Why lecturing employees is ineffective

  • How employees’ reactions to coaching are rooted in four defensive responses learned in youth

  • How to control the flow of a difficult conversation using body language and voice

  • 4 steps to getting a commitment to change

  • Dozens of defensive tactics and what to say when you meet them

  • When to use discipline instead of Turnaround Interview®


Cost: about $500/learner


Outcomes: The Turnaround Interview® program teaches HR professionals, managers and supervisors the secrets techniques for getting an employee to break a bad habit WITHOUT USING DISCIPLINE.

Feedback: TBD

Supervisor's Workshop

Duration: One day


Description: Drawing for the learner’s actually workplace scenarios, supervisors will explore the causes of lost effectiveness and efficiency and strategies to create environments conducive to high performing teams.  Using adult learning techniques they will see real alternatives to solving issues that are negatively impacting their teams.


Cost: about $230/learner))


Outcomes: Leaders will deal effectively with difficult subjects, act with unity and conviction, and create strategies for tapping into their shared pool of knowledge.

Feedback: “Tim is the most experienced and technically proficient workshop facilitator I’ve ever seen”

                     “This workshop gave me immediate tools to become a more effective leader”

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